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Kuperschmit, Goldstein & Co is one of the leading firms in Israel which practices in the field of Cooperate Societies, and one of the most prominent and largest firms in northern Israel.

Since the establishment of our firm in 1990, we have acted under the banner of integrity, reliability, professionalism and efficiency. Our firm employs first-rate lawyers, supplies multidisciplinary services with high standards, providing a kind and efficient approach to the varying needs of our many clients.

Areas of Expertise

Labor Law

Advertising and Marketing Law

Continuing Power of Attorney
and Custody Documentation

Corporate Law


Intellectual Property

Notary Services

Translation & Authorization

Execution proceedings
and obligation enforcement

International Trade
and Joint Ventures

Planing and Building

Criminal Law

Nature Protection Law

Real Estate Law

Cooperative Associations

Kibbutzim, Moshavim and Associated Communities, Water Associations

Family Law


and Energy Ventures

Advertising and Marketing Law

From a legal perspective, advertising and marketing are very complex topics.  When advertising and marketing within the Israeli market, one is subject to an elaborate network of laws, regulations and court rulings.  Tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals are merely few examples of sensitive areas subject to stringent laws and regulations.

Many brand owners promote themselves through skill based competitions and sweepstakes.  Occasionally, advertisers will promote and advertise brands while comparing themselves to their competitors.  Minors, are often the “targeted” audience of advertisements.  While all the above activities are legal, they are subject to many qualifications.

All advertisers and brand owners should seek legal advice before launching an advertising campaign in Israel.  Our advertising and marketing department, headed by Advocate David Wolberg, on a regular basis, provides legal advice to companies before launching advertisements and marketing campaigns in Israel.

Intellectual Property

Our firm has a strong Intellectual Property (“IP”) department, headed by Advocate David Wolberg.  Our  Intellectual Property department specializes in trademarks, designs, copyright, passing off, unfair competition and trade secrets.

All  Intellectual Property owners should protect their Intellectual Property.  The first step to protecting Intellectual Property is by registering it.  Our firm registers trademarks and designs, on a regular basis at the Israel Patent Authority.  When doing so, we deal with simple and complex office actions, oppositions and cancellation motions.  We often appear in hearings before the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Registrar and his deputies.

In recent years, registering international trademarks via the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) has become popular.  We handle office actions raised by the Israel Trademark Office against international trademarks designating Israel and we register Intellectual trademarks for Israeli companies.

In addition to registering Intellectual Property, IP owners should, in the appropriate circumstances, be prepared to enforce their rights against infringers.  Our firm handles IP litigation before the Courts and the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Registrar.

Our team

Adv. Alberto Kuperschmit


Cooperative Associations

Commercial counseling for associations

Counseling for agricultural projects and initiatives

Expert regarding Agricultural Settlement Law

Planning & Building

Expert regarding Israel Land Authority

Counseling and practice with property tax matters

Notary Approvals (in Hebrew and Spanish)

Founding Partner, Notary

Born in Argentina

A graduate of law studies from Buenos Aires University, 1961

Served as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Buenos Aires University, 1973-1976

Immigrated to Israel in 1976

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1982

Licensed Notary

Serves as Chairman of the Property Tax Appeals Board of Karmiel for over 25 years

Previously served as a legal adviser at the Planning & Building Board of the Upper Galilee for over 25 years

Fluent in Hebrew and Spanish

Adv. Larry Goldstein


Personal status and family law

Authorized by the Ministry of Justice for preparing Continuous Power of Attorney

International commercial agreements

Litigation and legal representation

Notary approvals (in Hebrew and English)

Founding Partner, Notary

Born in Washington D.C., USA

M.A. and B.A. from California State University in Political Science

Juris Doctor from the University of California, 1975

Member of the California Bar Association since 1976

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1987

Previously served as a lawyer for the Legal Department of the National Kibbutz and the Industrial Association of the Kibbutzim

Licensed Notary

Fluent in Hebrew and English

Adv. Jonathan Goldstein


Laws of Cooperative Associations

Affiliation processes of real estate and properties in the Kibbutzim

Transformation processes at the Kibbutzim

Absorption and expansion processes at the Moshavim and the Kibbutzim

Commercial Agreements

Private and commercial litigation

Managing Partner

L.L.B. with Honors and L.L.M. from Tel Aviv University

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2006

Previously interned and worked for several years in the "Naschitz Brandes" firm in Tel Aviv

Fluent in Hebrew and English

Adv. David Wolberg


Intellectual Property




Marketing and Advertising Law

Intellectual Property Litigation

Attorney at Law

L.L.B. from the University of London

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1997

Manager of the firm's branch at Kfar Netter

Fluent in Hebrew and English

Adv. Nitzan Tabenkin

Adv. Galit Malel-Weisz

Adv. Zohar Albeg

Adv. Sivan Kanter Hameiri

Adv. Shilat Krispin

Adv. Tehila Lalum

Adv. Rotem Arbil

Adv. Matan Gal

Adv. Yossi Kanot


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